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Year One for Mentors

Remember your first year after college?

Chances are you’ve learned a few things since then.

Now is your chance to offer what you know about post-grad life to those who are about to enter it.

The application period for 2020 mentors has now closed.

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Mentor Requirements

  • Graduated college in 2017 or earlier

  • Has a personal and growing Christian faith

The Year One Approach

Many college seniors feel they aren’t prepared for the big changes that are waiting for them after graduation. And that’s where our Year One mentors come in.

Year One mentorships focus on three major areas of mentees’ lives.




Phase 1: Pre-Graduation

  • Build trust with mentee

  • Identify key areas of potential growth

  • Encourage and assist with goal-setting for mentee’s first year after college

Phase 2: Post-Graduation

  • Assist mentee in creating action steps to achieve goals

  • Provide accountability when appropriate

  • Support mentee with post-grad decision-making

Mentor Expectations

Monthly Check-Ins

Mentors meet with their mentees once a month via video calls (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.). Each call should last at least an hour.

Check-In Recaps

After each call with their mentee, we ask all mentors to fill out a 2-minute online recap form.

What makes a good mentor?

We believe a great mentor is not defined by their incredible advice or profound insights. Here’s what we think is more important:

  • Humility

  • Above-average listening skills

  • Curiosity

  • Patience

  • Authenticity

  • Christ-focused

At Each Check-In

  1. Life Updates (10-15 minutes)

    • Each call begins with mentors catching up with their mentee. What has been going well since they last met? What has been challenging?

  2. Topic Discussion (25 minutes)

    • We provide mentors with a month-by-month Topic Plan. Each topic comes with a Facilitation Guide, which will include conversation starters and tips on how to approach each Check-In.

  3. Discussion of Next Steps (5-10 Minutes)

    • Mentors are encouraged to provide practical action steps for mentees to work on before their next Check-In. Although not mandatory every month, these “Next Steps” give mentees a clear way to achieve their post-grad goals.

  4. Prayer

New to mentoring?

No sweat. We’ll give you monthly discussion guides, one-on-one support from a Year One coach, and opportunities to connect with other mentors.

Wanna talk to us before you apply? Let’s connect.